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“It’s time for the Hype of the Night! It’s The Breaux Show!”

That’s right everyone, The Breaux Show is BACK and ready to start an all new season!

Now before you ask “Why wasn’t the show back on the air in February like your Promo Video promised?” Simply put, I had real life stuff happening in the back ground and that had to take precedence. Nothing too serious, but not something I will talk about on the show.

Now with that said, what does the new season of The Breaux Show hold in store? Well first up is a video where I go back to the beginning, with commentary! Check out the post here for that video. I will also be going back and filling in previous episodes on this newly designed web page so you can back to the date they aired or were posted on line!

Also look for Never-Before-Seen videos from myself and The Breaux Show that will be posted EXCLUSIVELY to this site, not even YouTube will see some of these.

We also have a Facebook page for you to like, and if you haven’t been by yet, stop by and “Like” us now! A lot of the day to day happenings in the production of the show happen here and get posted, as well as to our Twitter account.

I also intend to post a blog semi-weekly, if not weekly, about just daily life, toy collecting in my area, various trips to my super secret storage room, and more. Sometimes fun, sometimes serious, but always ‘me’ will be posted in these blogs. Stay tuned for them to start shortly (well, after this one….).

And finally look for the show to be tweaked, revamped, and  updated throughout the next few months. I want to make this a fun show for everyone to watch, with informative news, fun movie review, HD video toy reviews, and of course more silliness from your’s truly!

Thank you for sticking with me, and now…on with the show!

Michael Breaux, aka Host of The Breaux Show

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