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Alrighty Breaux Show fans, here is a quick production update for this week’s show:

Today I will be filming segments for this week’s new show – sans script! It is a catch up show and I still want to ‘redux’ the toy shelf background, so I will actually be filming while I do that today. That means I haven’t had time to write my usual script…which I normally ad lib through mostly anyway, but that’s besides the point…so the show will be definitely more free form than usual.

This also means that this week’s new show may get posted on Saturday as well, and not Friday, due to errands that have to be done on Friday the 13th (cue Jason Voorhees theme music….)

So YES, there is a new show this week for sure, just may be a day later. Oh, and if I can pull off a toy review I will review the toy I got for birthday…what is it? Well even if I don’t get to review it, I will still show what I got on the show. Let’s just say it was not my usual toy for my Birthday…
Stay Tuned and Rock On!!

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