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So here is this week’s new show!

This week we have a whole new Intro video for the show – with the old music and original announcer on hand, an a second announcer letting you know we film before no audience what so ever. Who could that be? If you guess right you get a No-Prize!

We also have a new Geeky News Minute Update with updates on Botcon, a little about the Avengers and Free Comic Book Day this May 5, 2012!

Then we have our Two Minute Toy Review – this time a toy from a collection I keep pretty small – a car for my Hot Wheels collection. What car is it? A modified T-Top 1982 Trans-Am painted all black with a red scanner…that’s right, KITT gets reviewed! Check out my review of the Hot Wheels car of KITT!

And of course the newest Geektastic is in there, along with a little update about the show, myself, and some fun at the end.

What’s on tap for next week? Stay tuned!!

The Breaux Show – Episode 024 – May 4, 2012 – Geeky News – Hot Wheels: KITT Toy Review

The Breaux Show – Episode 24 Credits

Executive Producers
Jennifer Breaux
Michael Breaux

Opening Announcers
Todd Partain
Jennifer Breaux

Directed and Hosted by
Michael Breaux

Knight Rider Images, Music, and Sound FX
© 1982 Glen A. Larson Productions & Universal TV

The Breaux Show Outro Music by Michael Auchenbach
© 2011, 2012 (Used with Permission)

No Copyright Infringement is Intended With This Show

© 2012 Bad Dog Productions

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