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Welcome to Episode 25 of The Breaux Show for May 11, 2012!

The bulk of this week’s show was filmed on location at the NJCC this past weekend! We here at the show had a lot of fun, as you will see in this week’s show!

The “Geeky News Minute Update” is in there too with our review of “The Avengers,” and coverage of the NJCC.

And the week’s “Two Minute Toy Review” is a toy from the 70’s, the Milton bradley Starbird, reviewed by myself and DarthDevious in person!

Also “This Week in Geektastic in History” takes a look at the NJCC in a new way too with Ninja Battles!!

What are you waiting for, hit play! 🙂

The Breaux Show – Episode 025 – May 11, 2012 – NJCC Edition! – Geeky News – Starbird Toy Review

The Breaux Show – Episode 25 Credits

Executive Producers
Jennifer Breaux
Michael Breaux

Opening Announcers
Todd Partain
Jennifer Breaux

Directed and Hosted by
Michael Breaux

No Copyright Infringement is Intended With This Show

© 2012 Bad Dog Productions

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