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So here we are, a week and a few days away from Wizard World Philadelphia 2012! What does that mean? It means prep time for The Breaux Show!

First of all though, it has been a week since we have seen a new show produced, and this week may be tough as well to get a fully new show put together. As stated on the Facebook page recently, I started a new job that has me working extra hard the days I am working and doesn’t allow for a full show production as much as I want to. It’s not the job’s fault (I LOVE the job actually, it fits me perfectly!), I just have to work on my own scheduling outside of work to make production of the show flow smoothly.

That said look for this week to have at least last week’s and this week’s This Week in Geektastic History get posted, as well as one (if not TWO!) Two Minute Toy Reviews go up as well, with a possible quick live update from myself.

And that brings us to Wizard World Philly 2012. As hard as I have been working with my new job, as of right now I have secured my days off to attend WWP, and will be there all 3 main days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – as well as stopping by while they set-up on Thursday night. With planned panels including a Buffyverse get together, a panel with Stan Lee and Chris Hemsworth, and some little get together of some Star Trek Captains from all five TV shows, we hope to bring you all that and more from the floor! My goal is to shoot some cool video, hopefully secure some great interviews, and even feature a lot of YOU – the comic book fans, cosplayers, super geeks and fun people – on the show too. If you see a guy cosplaying as the Host of The Breaux Show, chances are that’s me! Come on up and say hi! 🙂

Alrighty, off to get ready for work my Breaux Patrol…so for now remember, as always, ROCK ON EVERYBODY!!

– Michael Breaux, Host of The Breaux Show

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