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Welcome to Episode 27 of The Breaux Show for June 8, 2012!

This week’s SUPER Sized Special Edition takes place none other than at Wizard World, Philadelphia, for 2012 this past weekend!

The entire show was shot on location, including looks at panels, interviews, and more!

“This Week in Geektastic History”” is even in there too, along with a Question with Boba Fett himself, Mr. Jeremy Bulloch, AND a Question with the former WWE Wrestler The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase!

Panel clips included too are Sam Trammell; Sam Witwer; a Star Wars Panel with Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew, and Nick Gillard; Dean Cain; Stan Lee!!!; Chris Hemsworth; stars from Buffy including James Marsters, Claire Kramer, Amber Benson, Mark Metcalf, and Kristy Swanson; Quantum Leap stars Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell; and to top it all off, a panel with ALL five Star Trek TV Captains too – William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula! What an amazing set of guests and panels!!

Note – We also filmed the CM Punk and Vampire Diaries Panels, but were cut for this week’s show – however, watch for next week’s show to have clips from CM Punk, and for ALL the panels to be put up in their entirety, in parts, on this channel!

Note 2 – I know I messed up the graphic for Dean Stockwell (mislabeled as Dean Cain – doh!!) That’s what I get for late night editing and trying to get this uploaded for over 48 hours this past weekend…

And yes, this show is more than double my normal length of shows, but I hope you all enjoy it!!

Oh – and don’t miss the Cavalcade of Cosplay as well!!

So what are you waiting for, hit play! 🙂

The Breaux Show – Episode 027 – June 8, 2012 – Wizard World Philly 2012 – SUPER Sized Special!

The Breaux Show – Episode 27 Credits

Executive Producers
Jennifer Breaux
Michael Breaux

Opening Announcers
Todd Partain
Jennifer Breaux

Directed and Hosted by
Michael Breaux

Special Thanks to
Mr. Jeremy Bulloch
Mr. Ted DiBiase
Wizard World PR Staff and Show Volunteers
Kevin Bollinger
Tony Tuski
Rosemary Ward

Extra Special Thanks to
Fred Meyer, Jeff Tilley, and Tiger Augusitine for keeping me grounded

and Super Special Thanks to the Executive Producer, who always believes….

No Copyright Infringement is Intended With This Show

© 2012 Bad Dog Productions

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