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Alrighty Breaux Patrol, it’s been a wild last few weeks for the show here. Not only have we been to the NJCC in New Jersey, we also got to go and do a SUPER SIZED SHOW for The Breaux Show at Wizard World Philadelphia 2012! That was a LOT of fun!!

So here’s what I have been tying with the last couple weeks. The week before Wizard World I did a late night taping of the show and actually streamed it live on UStream. Then yesterday while recording the Voice Overs for this week’s This Week in Geektastic History and the Two Minute Toy Review, I streamed again the audio of that session. Now here’s the question….

Would you guys and gals like me to still continue to do so? The UStream of the Live Tapings give you a peek into how I shoot the show, and I am even toying around with the idea of making the VO Session recording a weekly segment on it’s own. I could even make the VO Session recording an MP3 you can download and listen whenever you want.

You can check out my page now on UStream here:

The Breaux Show on UStream

Just thoughts and musings as I get ready to tape this week’s live segments for Episode 28, post Wizard World show.

Thanks for reading Breaux Patrol, and remember, as always…ROCK ON EVERYONE!!

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