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Ok Breaux Patrol, here we are, going for a new show format. No, we aren’t going to stop producing video shows, but in an effort to reach more fans and give you a way to interact with me LIVE while taping a show, we are going to start something new.

That being said, Sunday, January 20th, at 9:30 PM EST, the branching out of The Breaux Show begins with The Breaux Show Radio Show (ok, it’s a live audio podcast, but RADIO sounds sooo much cooler!). The format will be ever changing the first few weeks as I shake out all the bugs, and while I plan to start with Google+ Hang Outs On Air, depending on what sites I like the best for broadcast that may change. Stay tuned to this site, our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

So how do you tune in? Well with Google+ Hang Outs, the show will be broadcast LIVE as soon as I click the “Start Broadcast” button. Pretty neat, right? Simultaneously, the show will go LIVE on my YouTube Channel, as well as an embed code I can put on a web page. A few minutes before air, I will list all the places you can watch the LIVE broadcast via Twitter and Facebook, as well as the page on with the embedded code to watch LIVE too!

Now the shows will be me talking about production aspects of the video show, a few fun promos, and even a small version of This Week in Geektastic History! There will be no video, just audio, and if I can get an app or function to show slideshows of still pictures, I may rotate some banners or pics. Oh, and live interaction can happen via Tweets and Facebook I do believe, we can all learn LIVE on Sunday!! All this is as I shake out the show on it’s maiden launch!

It’s an exciting time, so tune in on Sunday! I look forward to ROCKING OUT with ya, LIVE!!

Links to Know:

The Breaux Show on YouTube

The Breaux Show on Facebook

The Breaux Show on Twitter:  @TheBreauxShow

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