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The Breaux Show LIVE! Radio Show Podcast!- Episode 048 – October 19, 2014

Here is your DIRECT Link to the YouTube Page with our LIVE Streaming feed on Sunday nights, 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST.

Just click the “Play” button above to listen LIVE on Sunday night, or click the link directly below to open a window to the YouTube page with the streaming feed.

Sometimes you may here a couple of test run through some days,  but the LIVE show will always be Sundays right here, with the links updated for that week’s current show.

Tune in and you can here me talk about RetroCon, This Week in Geektastic History, fun memories of my own childhood, or more! And you can win during the LIVE show (giveaways only happen during the LIVE Show) by interacting with us!

On Facebook:

On Twitter: @TheBreauxShow on Twitter

And even use those hash tags of  #AskBreaux to ask me questions, or #RetroRecall to share your favorite memories of toys, shows, and more from the past!

Check it out, Tune in, and Have Fun!

Most of all – Rock On Everybody!!!!