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Hello out there to all my fellow Breaux Patrol!

I am posing a question this week to all of you out there that are fans of the show. As you know, I put together a weekly segment called “This Week in Geektastic History.” They are usually abut minute long segments that tell of some fun geeky fact in that week’s history with a little bit of the history behind it.

I am thinking of changing it though to listing maybe 5 or 10 quick facts about the week instead, and maybe including some geeky celebrity and fellow fan birthdays at the end too, all within that minute or so segment.

What do you think? I have the question up on The Breaux Show Facebook page, or you click to get to tge Facebook question below:

Geektastic Poll on The Breaux Show Facebook page

If the change is voted for, I will make it for this week or next, depending on production schedule 🙂

Thanks everyone for voting!!

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