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Now here is something that we here at The Breaux Show did not produce, but did digitize for viewing as anything from my old FAO Schwarz Boston days I hold a special place in my heart for. So here I present the “Blair Witch” styled Merchandising video – shot in good old FAO Store # 06….

So for FAO Schwarz fans out there, here is a little piece of video history that was shot at the former Boston Store location in September of 1999.

In this video, 3 Merchandising managers are ‘lost’ in a store while filming ways to merchandise product on the floor after closing. It’s a fun peek into the store after hours and has lots of great shots of just the store itself throughout too.

Special thanks to Natalie Fuechsel (who is in the video herself) for providing this piece of FAO Schwarz’s Boston store history for all to see.

Watch, enjoy, and have fun!

FAO Schwarz – “Blair Witch” Merchandising Video – Boston – September 1999

©1999 – Original Production
©2012 – Digitized Version

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